We are a amateur six peice Jazz band based in North London consisting of keyboards, guitar, double bass, drums and Trumpet. we are looking for a saz player to join our friendly band as our current Sax player had to attend to other commitments. 

We currently play a regular gig once month at a local pub and are increasing this to one gig in two pubs per month. Both gigs are for free. We also occasionally play for charities as and when the opportunity arises.

We do the occasional  paid gig and are looking to make this more than occasional. We rehearse once a week on a Thursday night in a local studio (£5 pp) or play in one of the aformentoned pubs.

Most of our repertoire would be found in a Real book. 

We are looking for a Sax player who can play reasonably fron a lead sheet and improvise. There is a requirement that you can read music at a reasonable pace and play the faster stuff after some practice.

We do this for fun and enjoy playing together. Any more than that is a bonus. It is also important to us that all the members of the band are good/ nice friendly people who can accept that we do not all play perfectly and occasionally make mistakes.

So, if you have the time each Thursday and you think this sounds like fun, contact me.

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