We are a Steel Panther tribute band looking for our front man,
We have been rehearsing together for a little while now, and have gotten our set list together, our old front man, left to join another band before we could get any gigs started, so we have the set list ready just looking to get going now.

Besides being a tribute band, we are also out own opening act (this is still a working progress) where as we will do an opening set, go back stag eget changed and then do a full gig as Stolen Panther, with the glitterballs we are writing our own music, and also covering 80ies music by def lepard, judas preist anything that tickles our fancy really.

for the future we do want to take this as far as we can, and possibly record some albums together and hopefully get some bigger gigs, (with my job i have alot of contacts, so festivals and bigger venu gigs are a big possibility)

if your intrested just drop us a line, you have to be willing to be a showman, all of us have worked jobs that invovled alot of crowd interaction so we will help where ever we can, and be prepared to be able to enjoy your self 🙂 outside of the band we are all very good friends 🙂

please feel free to get in touch and we can hopefully set up an audition