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Singer/Frontman Wanted! Alternative/Modern Rock

We are a new band looking for a singer/frontman. Our music is very melodic and based in good songwriting, but always heavy and rooted in punk aesthetics. We are looking for someone in their early twenties or late teens, with the same ambitions that we share: to become the best band in the world. A great stage presence and look is important, but this can be worked on once the music is up to scratch.

We have our own rehearsal space in Islington and we are there every day. If you think you have the talent and the attitude please send us a message. Please describe yourself, the artists that made you start singing, send us a photo and show us some footage of you performing. If you haven’t played a gig, just record yourself at home.

Here are some demos.

soundcloud (dot) com / werehearseonoldstreet

Comments ( 3 )

  1. 28 year old musician


    his name is marshmallow jude from ramsgate currently based in madrid

    he plays to a prof level bass guitar lead/rhythm

    keyboards drums vocals and is handy in the recording studio too

    he will be in ramsgate kent before christmas and possibly heading to

    london in the new year

  2. Hi,

    Seen your ad and would like to come and try out when your next rehearsing if possible. I have a very unique voice that I think you guys will like. I don’t have any demos but give me a try I don’t think you will be disappointed 😉


  3. Hey maan! I’m maybe what you are looking for. If you didn’t founded yet you’r man so we can meet or I can come to you’r place and talk about music, just hang out 🙂 And well see 🙂
    Find me on soundcloud:

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