New band seeking original male singer/lyricist. We have been together for a few months and songs are coming thick and fast, we need vocals ASAP and want to be gigging by the end of the summer. Our tracks are strong riff driven affairs with short but sweet solo’s, drifting into psych and back again. You’ll have creative freedom and the space to do what you do. Ideally we want sombody with a good range, confidence and unique style, that said, if you have a weird voice thats fine to, originality is key.

Influences include Sabbath, Zep, FUZZ, Ty Seagall, Heavy Eyes, Causi Sui, Tame Impala, Clutch, Kyuss, UFO etc…

About us…

Guitarist, 26 – Played guitar, bass and synth for over 14 years, gigged extensively both solo and in bands, studio/production experience.

Bassist, 24 – Played guitar, bass, banjo and trumpet for over 12 years, gigged extensively both solo and in bands.

Drummer, 31- Played drums for over 16 years, gigged extensively, multi genre, studio/production experience.

If your intrested please send us a demo, if we like it we will provide you with a basic demo recording to put some words to and then meet for a jam. We rehearse regularly in Brentwood, we try to do weekends but sometimes week nights, depends on work commitments.

Thanks for your intrest.