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Wanted: 1000 anti-Brexit musicians to sign a petition to save lives.

Preventing the Brexit actually to happen will save tens of thousands of lives. The Brexit would cause for years to come: less jobs, less spending because of and causing a recession, less tax revenue, more austerity, less diseases prevention and social benefits like the fuel money that could save many thousands of lives each winter, more depression and other mental problems and thus suicides, reduction of investing in clean energy and thus more air pollution that causes cancers and strokes and other illnesses, a weaker pound and a dwindling development aid budget, more tax competition with the former EU-friends so less tax revenue on the continent, … Who wants to sign my online petition and find other co-signers, especially the ones I can’t reach?

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  1. Data points from the UK200Group show that U.K. charities can expect to lose 217 million British pounds (about $296 million) every year, once Britain separates from EU, according to Britain Stronger in Europe.

    I just found this on the website of Givergy.

  2. The politicians have decided there won’t be another refererendum.That’s because they use the majority-is-always-right-principle. Haven’t they heard of this guy in Germany almost a 100 years ago that was elected democratically by blaming the foreigers? No, ofcourse not. I don’t see the Brexiteers as fascists. But they got their victory by polarisation, lies and deceibt.

    Well, this is exactly why I believe my mission can be so crucial. Gambling with the future of the country and the EU is one thing, ignoring the likely death of many thousands of the poorest and most vulnerable, is a matter that should lead to a court case. But there’s hope. Most people just don’t care because they don’t know about it. If somebody, the BBC, a paper, … would investigate this prognosis, so many eyes would open. I’m still trying to reach Sting, Bob Geldof, Peter Gabriel – acclaimed humanitarians and environmentalists – to convince them to communicate with me and then with “the whole world”. I could use some help …

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