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WANTED – Drummer for desert rock/doom metal band [Based in Horsham, West Sussex]

Saturn’s 3rd Son is looking for a good drummer to help complete the rhythm section of our band, Currently there are two of us (Bass and Guitar+BV).

We are both based in Horsham so primarily we will be rehearsing at either QM Studios or The REC Rooms, We are looking to do so on a regular basis (perhaps starting at once a month then making it more frequent as we go along?) and aim to focus on writing original material.

Our influences mainly include Electric Wizard, Windhand and Black Sabbath however we will be wanting to experiment and explore influences from a whole range of genres. I myself personally listen to a wide range of artists and music from Classical, ambient, folk, world, electronic/dance and much more.

Our current plan would be to meet up and rehearse/jam together on a regular basis, write and perfect original songs, release each song when we feel it is ready as a studio single, play plenty of gigs and have a good time.


  • Competent and Consistent drumming, ability to adapt styles.
  • Own transport OR Means of travel too and from the rehearsals and gigs.
  • Someone punctual (obviously traffic and transport delays are understandable) and committed.


  • Recording/Production knowledge, ability to record drum kit at their home to a good recording standard.
  • Singing capabilities for BV OR Lead vocals if you are capable and have the right voice.

Feel free to check out these old demos I put together for a couple songs however please note the songs and style may change a bit as we complete our line up

If you are interested or have any further questions please drop a private message on here or send an email to

Regards, Joe

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