Please send an email, dont reply to the post. Thanks.

Im looking for quality songwriter, musician, producers, lead vocalists
The kind of people that have maybe done projects and done everything themselves.

Looking to do a big project with like minded songwriters, multi-instrumentalists.

I am a music producer, musician and songwriter.
I have taken a break from music for a couple of years.
The last project i did i produced and wrote for an artist whos album went to number 1 in the uk charts.
I can send links, details etc.. to the right people that get in touch.

My main (first) instrument is piano/keys.
I pretty much played guitar for almlst the same amount of time.
Live i made my living as a bass player.
I write lyrics and although i have sang lead vocals live, i dont think i have a great voice for lead vocals.
Im an excellent musician, producer. Great feel, very tasteful..

I want to find singer/songwriter/musicians who are highly skilled/talanted multi-instrumentalists.
Im not against a band where each player stays in their main indtrument, but having members equally talanted on different instruments would be great and give a lot of scope to creatve a lot of different ideas.
Also having 2 or 3 lead vocalists, as well as harmonies would be a huge bonus.

Finding a drummer who can sing, write, and do sequencing/production would be great too, although finding a sh*t hot drummer is hard enough by itself.

The aim is to make great music, tour, and earn good money.
Ideally looking for people who do not have commitments to a job, or family ties meaning they cannot tour.
I have good contacts as i would imagine you do as well.
I would be looking to be making money asap..

The style will come together with the right people. My influences are varied but im not trying to recreate any of my influences so i will leave them out of the ad.

Without sounding arrogant if you are not at a high standard please do not get in touch.

Look forward to hearing from you and chatting soon, and please do include as much info as possible, links to demos etc.. couple of pictures etc..