27 Aug

Finding Musicians for Events

finding musicians for events

Finding the right performers for any event is a task which requires a bit of planning and preparation. Firstly you will have to trawl through the internet finding suitable musicians that fit the bill for your upcoming event. Next you will need to contact them individually and check on their availability and willingness to travel to the location of your venue. Once you have liaised with the artists you can get an idea of costs and go ahead and book your chosen performer and that’s pretty much it.

Musicians style:

The genre of music that your musicians will perform is really important in setting the correct tone for your event. Try to select an act who can perform a wide range of repertoire to ensure that all of your guest’s tastes are satisfied.


As a general rule, the more musicians you hire, the higher the cost will be. If you are on a budget, then a solo musician will probably be your best bet. Another good tip is that if the instrument is large then price will also be higher as the musician must transport their instrument to your venue.


As was mentioned earlier, it is essential that your event entertainment is suitable to the taste’s a wide ranging group of individuals. Try to choose a musician who can cover a wide age range of songs and styles. Have a look at the links below for some top musicians for hire in the UK.


  1. Musicians Forum
  2. Best Musicians for Hire
  3. UK Musicians Wanted

02 Feb

Classical Musicians Wanted

We have just uploaded our newest page on UK Musicians Wanted. The Classical Musicians Wanted page is all about getting classical music lovers together to form new musical projects. We are really keen to participate in the forming of new bands and projects with as varied a repertoire as possible.  That is not to say that we don’t like getting rock musicians together, but it would be great to know that a new orchestra was formed by people meeting on our website. It doesn’t have to be such a massive project either, we would be more than happy with a little string quartet or woodwind trio.

I think the answer might be that it was always quite difficult to get enough to get scores for people to read. Now with the advent and popularisation of the internet and tablet computers its so easy to get scores to play from. The same is true for instruments, which are about as cheap as they have ever been at the moment. I just can’t understand why there arne’t literally thousands of classical music jams and unplanned performances going on all around the country.

Have a look at these Classical Musicians for Hire and Classical Musicians for Weddings. Did you play a musical instrument at school that you would like to start playing again? Would you like to be involved in an orchestra or chamber group in your local area? If the answer is yes then head straight over to our musicians forum where you can post to like-minded musicians from across the UK. Also have a quick look at this Musicians UK blog.

05 Dec

Session Musicians Wanted

We are looking for professional, full-time session musicians who are available for hire in London. If you want to get paid work as on recordings for albums and tv, appearances at events and performances at all sorts of corporate functions and weddings then please have a look at the following page. Session Musicians is the place to find London based musicians for hire. All of the players on this site are top performers on the London and UK scene. Use the “register” button on this site to add yourself  (for free) to their UK Entertainment Directory. The clients can then come along and view your profile, listen to your audio samples and watch any youtube videos which you may have uploaded. If they like what they have heard then they can contact directly using the enquiry form. For more information please visit Musicians London.

Don`t forget that you can always come back to our musicians forum for more up-to-date gig news and musicians wanted ads.

02 Nov

Christmas Bands for Hire

Hire some bands for your Christmas party in the UK. These Christmas Bands are available for hire at all sorts of UK events. Book a Christmas Party Band now for this years office knees-up! With so many options to choose from these days you should have absolutely no problems at all in choosing the right entertainment for your upcoming event. Make sure that you listen to a live recording of the ensemble prior to making a formal enquiry. It is also an advisable idea to watch a video of the band performing at a live event.

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06 Oct

Compare Musicians from around the UK

If you want to get a few extra gigs for yourself or for your band then we have two sites which could be of use to you. Compare Musicians and Compare Music are two places that you should definitely get yourself listed on. The site allows its users to compare musicians who are available for hire in a selected area. They are both very much in the early stages of development but we think this is the ideal time to get involved.

Musicians are always on the lookout for new ways to get work so if you know of any other good recommendations then please do get in touch. Also don`t forget to check out our musicians forum for the most up-to-date news and join in with our community.

29 Sep

Bass Guitarist Wanted for UK Gigs

If you are looking for a new bassist for your band then look no further. UK Musicians Wanted is the place for you to find a new member for your band or even find people to create a whole new musical project. Bass Guitarist Wanted is the place to start as this is where all of the bassists head for. You can post an ad in the musicians forum or just browse the different ads that are already there. For some reason the forum seams to have more adverts for guitarists, vocalists and drummers than for bass players but I guess that’s just the way it goes some times.

Why is it that bass guitarists are the most difficult band members to find? Looking for an acoustic bass player is even more difficult! Who wants to carry around that massive instrument everywhere with them? Anyway, check out the above page if you are looking for a bass guitarist.

15 Sep

Get booked up with your band at Christmas

If you are looking to make a bit of extra cash from your talents as a musician then Christmas is definely the time to do it. Even from humble begginnings (like busking) you can make a fairly good daily wage at festive periods when everyone is a good mood and happy to spend a bit. Check out these Christmas Party Bands for an example of how to promote yourself.

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31 Aug

Quotes by some of our favourite musicians

We all like to quote famous people from time to time. Maybe it makes us feel inteligent. Anyway, if you are interested, then check out quotes by famous musicians. It`s an article by us which features some of the best quotes by jazz, popular and classical musicians going right back to Beethoven.

If you have any suggestions for new things that you would us to feature on either the bog or main site then please do get in touch with us via our contact form. We do occasionally require people with an interest in music to write for us so if that would appeal to you then please drop us a line.

Musicians Quotes – The place to find the best sayings of all time from composers and musicians alike.

Musicians Wanted – Our home page. The place to find musicians to form new bands and join existing projects.

09 Jul

The forum is really taking off!

Our Musicians Forum is really taking off now! It had been a year sine it was formally launched and it has been around for  few months longer than that. Each day there are new posts from musicians looking to start bands or find new players for current projects. We are really please with the amount of new bands that have been formed with our help!

If you are looking to post musicians wanted adverts on the forum then please go ahead and do so. We are always happy to hear from new members who have started a new musical journey by using our forum. Its great that such  simple thing can actually help people.

The most popular category in the forum is currently for drummers wanted. For some reason there seams to be some sort of massive shortage f drummers and bass players in the UK at the moment.

14 Apr

New musicians stuff by us…

There are tonnes of new posts over in the forum and also listed on the home page - UK Musicians Wanted. You should be able to find all sorts of new ads from musicians based right across the UK. There seems to be a shortage of drummers and bass players at the moment, what a surprise! When did you last hear of a lead guitarist shortage?

One of most popular new articles has been Richest Musicians feature. For some morbid reason we are all fascinated by celebrity these days and finding out who is the richest musician in the world seems to be quite high on everybody’s list at the moment. Keep letting us know about what you like and don`t like!

We are always looking for people to write articles and blog posts for us. If you are interested then please get in touch visiting the contact page and emailing us. You don`t have to be a musician but should be interested in music and entertainment in general.