20 Jun

Popular Posts – May/June 2014

lead singer needed13th June 2014 – Lead singer looking for band members

This post features a vocalist seeking musicians to form a duo with a view to performing on cruise ships. Leona is a vocalist who has just finished a contract “on board” and is now looking to form a new ensemble. She is based in London and has all the necessary equipment and contacts to make this happen quickly! Click the link below to get in touch with Leona.

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3rd June 2014 – Lead singer looking for band members

Experienced pianist Jimmy is searching for a singer to join him with a focus on performing at wedding and corporate events. The gigs would mainly be in West Yorkshire but as is usual with this sort work, travel throughout the UK will probably be likely. Jimmy doesn’t mention the type of repertoire he plans to perform but we would imagine it would be popular covers if the intention is to play at weddings. Check out the link below for more details.

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2nd June 2014 – Band looking for Double Bassist

A brilliant opportunity for any budding Charles Mingus’s out there! Double bass players are difficult to come by, or so we thought! This ad was one of our most popular ever and some of the replies were submitted by fantastic musicians. This jazz/funk band are seeking a new member and have gigs waiting. Check it out if you think you might fit the bill!

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23rd May 2014 – Guitarist Wanted by Burning Codes

Peterborough based band, “Burning Codes” are looking for a new guitarist to join their project. The group have had airplay on BBC6 as well as Radio 1. Unlike the average “musicians wanted” post, this band have a seriously good pedigree with testimonials from Kraut-rock legends alongside current  indie trendsetters. Click the link below for more details and contact information.

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20 May

Popular Posts – April/May 2014

Some of our most popular posts from April and May 2014:

19th May 2014 – Female Drummer Needed For  An Advert

This post has been super popular on our facebook group and has already attracted a number of great musicians. There may still be time to apply though, head over to the post and leave a comment if you are interested in getting involved. The basic premise is that they need a female drummer to play the drums in an a commercial and are offering a pretty decent fee and good working experience.

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14th May 2014 – Resident band for new music venue in O2, London

This was a rare opportunity for a resident band to perform in the new Brooklyn Bowl venue in the O2 arena. There was certainly a buzz around this one and I know for a fact that there were many brilliant applicants! Good luck to all the bands who put themselves forward – we will be popping down to the venue to see who they chose!

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2nd May 2014 – Jazz Drummer Needed

There are so many drummers out there looking to join jazz bands that we knew that this would be a well received ad. It is basically a group of musicians based in Ilford, London who are looking for a new stick-man for their jazz ensemble. More information and contact details at the link below.

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13th April 2014 – Male vocals wanted for pro 60’s soul/70’s rock n’ roll band

We love it when there are real professional opportunities posted in our forum! This 1960s/1970s themed band are looking for a male front-man to lead them through a whole host of pro gigs and wedding/function work. We are not sure whether the position has now been filled but it’s maybe still worth getting in touch if you think that you have what it takes! More information and contact details at the link below.

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25 Apr

Making it as a Session Musician

Session GuitaristAt the beginning of a musician’s career, a lot can rest on being able to find the right musicians or bands to play with and to potentially build a successful career as a musician. Many different types of people and companies are looking for musicians to suit their various needs. This can include everything from performing at a wedding or other event, to standing in for a regular musician in a band as ‘dep’ (Deputy) musician, or even contributing to a song in a recording studio as session musicians.

From a musician’s point of view, it’s important to get yourself seen and heard, and the key to this is to make yourself or your band as contactable as possible. Many bands and artists sign themselves up to agencies and directories, such as Last Minute Musicians, to raise their exposure and gain more custom. This extra promotion helps you to reach a wider and more diverse client base as well as establishing the impression that they are experienced bands and are familiar with the industry. If you happen to catch someone’s eye it could open up doors for you to branch out into working as a ‘dep’ or session musician. Not only this, but signing up to a directory projects an image of professionalism to prospective customers and leaves you free to pursue other means of publicising yourself.


Networking among musicians in the 21st century is a breeze thanks to the Internet and various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Sites like these are fantastic for bands and session musicians as they give prospective clients and colleagues a chance to find everything they need to know about a musician in one place! This also means that up and coming bands are available at the click of a button and that, in theory, if a musician drops out of an event or recording it’s easier than ever to find a dep or session musician to replace them. With Facebook increasing in popularity, the act of meeting new musicians and finding new music is effectively being handed over on a plate. Bands, including session musicians, can create music pages’; giving fans the opportunity to be updated regularly with the band’s latest happenings if they ‘like’ their music page. ‘Fans’ of the page can also share content among their friends resulting in further promotion without you even lifting a finger!

This advancement has made networking among bands and musicians a simple and effective task that requires much less effort than would previously have been necessary to forge a successful career as a band or session musician. This results in a tendency for musicians to become lazy when it comes promoting their availability, so it’s important to remember that the more effort you put into promotion, the more your band will benefit.


Sometimes musicians are needed to stand in when a regular member of a band drops out. The musicians who take their place are called deputy musicians, or ‘dep’ for short and are especially popular in the world of pop music. It is possible for musicians to make their living out of simply being available at short notice to act as a stand in for an absent band member at a gig, recording or other session work. As a dep musician, you’re going to expand your network and if you do a good job its likely you’ll be offered permanent slots or session work with the bands. As a general rule, ‘dep’ musicians are more accomplished players than others as they need to be able to play different genres to a high level, but if you’ve got what it takes there is definitely money to be made as a dep or doing session work.

Most deps also double up as session musicians, and due to the amount of networking their names are often passed around among bands and musicians. Once you have your foot in the door it becomes easier to find work as a session musician and you’ll find that word of mouth is your most effective tool when it comes to maintaining a steady flow of interest.

Making a living

Any musicians that want to make a living in the music industry need to be accomplished in their craft and promote themselves effectively in order to raise exposure and get noticed. Because bands and session musicians are wanted by a multitude of customers, they need to be available to play different genres, read music, but above all you will be invaluable if you can make yourself available to stand in for others at the drop of the hat. Do a good job and word will get around that you should be the one to call, whatever the genre or event.

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27 Aug

Finding Musicians for Events

finding musicians for events

Finding the right performers for any event is a task which requires a bit of planning and preparation. Firstly you will have to trawl through the internet finding suitable musicians that fit the bill for your upcoming event. Next you will need to contact them individually and check on their availability and willingness to travel to the location of your venue. Once you have liaised with the artists you can get an idea of costs and go ahead and book your chosen performer and that’s pretty much it.

Musicians style:

The genre of music that your musicians will perform is really important in setting the correct tone for your event. Try to select an act who can perform a wide range of repertoire to ensure that all of your guest’s tastes are satisfied.


As a general rule, the more musicians you hire, the higher the cost will be. If you are on a budget, then a solo musician will probably be your best bet. Another good tip is that if the instrument is large then price will also be higher as the musician must transport their instrument to your venue.


As was mentioned earlier, it is essential that your event entertainment is suitable to the taste’s a wide ranging group of individuals. Try to choose a musician who can cover a wide age range of songs and styles. Have a look at the links below for some top musicians for hire in the UK.


  1. Musicians Forum
  2. Best Musicians for Hire
  3. UK Musicians Wanted

02 Feb

Classical Musicians Wanted

We have just uploaded our newest page on UK Musicians Wanted. The Classical Musicians Wanted page is all about getting classical music lovers together to form new musical projects. We are really keen to participate in the forming of new bands and projects with as varied a repertoire as possible.  That is not to say that we don’t like getting rock musicians together, but it would be great to know that a new orchestra was formed by people meeting on our website. It doesn’t have to be such a massive project either, we would be more than happy with a little string quartet or woodwind trio.

I think the answer might be that it was always quite difficult to get enough to get scores for people to read. Now with the advent and popularisation of the internet and tablet computers its so easy to get scores to play from. The same is true for instruments, which are about as cheap as they have ever been at the moment. I just can’t understand why there arne’t literally thousands of classical music jams and unplanned performances going on all around the country.

Have a look at these Classical Musicians for Hire and Classical Musicians for Weddings. Did you play a musical instrument at school that you would like to start playing again? Would you like to be involved in an orchestra or chamber group in your local area? If the answer is yes then head straight over to our musicians forum where you can post to like-minded musicians from across the UK. Also have a quick look at this Musicians UK blog.

09 Jul

The forum is really taking off!

Our Musicians Forum is really taking off now! It had been a year sine it was formally launched and it has been around for  few months longer than that. Each day there are new posts from musicians looking to start bands or find new players for current projects. We are really please with the amount of new bands that have been formed with our help!

If you are looking to post musicians wanted adverts on the forum then please go ahead and do so. We are always happy to hear from new members who have started a new musical journey by using our forum. Its great that such  simple thing can actually help people.

The most popular category in the forum is currently for drummers wanted. For some reason there seams to be some sort of massive shortage f drummers and bass players in the UK at the moment.

15 Mar

UK Musicians Wanted – Musician Blog

Our musician blog is really taking off now, we are only a month old and already the feedback has been really positive. So I guess it means a big “happy 1 month birthday” to us! We have loads of plans the the future and there’s loads of really interesting posts that will be coming your way.  There will also be some announcements made shortly about some new members of our team who will be joining our quest to improve the musical lives of the whole UK. The sort of things that we will engage in will be drummers, guitarists, singers and musicians who specialise in jazz, blues, rock, pop and soul music.

Don’t forget to check back for the latest updates and news from our team and be sure to contact us (using our quick contact form) if you have any suggestions or if you would like to join our growing community. We are still a bit unsure about the situation regarding our latest topics but we will definitely keep you posted and up-to-date on all potential changes and improvements which may, or may not, occur over the coming weeks and months of this year.

New Articles from us:

Musicians Quotes – A brand new, up-to-date news article from us all about the most famous musicians quotes by legends and classical and popular music. Featuring a huge span in styles and time, this article really is worth a long read. We would also like to suggest this find musicians page which is a resource for those planning live bands and music for any sort of event.

Musicians Wanted

28 Feb

String Player Wanted – UK Musicians Forum

Our musicians forum seems to lack any string players at the moment so if you play violin, viola, cello or double bass then please consider posting. You can post for free withot signing up for anything here – Musicians Forum. This forum is quite new but already we have over 160 active members and that number is growing every day. By posting a wanted ad in there other musicians and our members will read them and hopefully respond in some sort of positive way.

As well as the musicians forum, we also recommend any string players to sign up for the entertainment directory. You can do this by clicking on the banner below. Again, signing is free for a basic listing. This site gets over 18,000 unique visitors every month so is you want to get extra gigs then you should definitely consider signing yourself up. You can also search the directory to see the kind of musicians who already have a listing on there.

As well as violinists, cellists and double bass players, we are also looking for guitarists, mandolin players and sitar players. Basically, any stringed instrument, whether it be bowed or plucked, we are looking for you. Create a free profile by clicking the banner above.

25 Feb

Welcome to the Musicians Blog

Welcome to our new Musicians Blog. The plan for this site is to promote our musicians forum and try to connect more people to form new bands and create new musical possibilities. We feel that this new musicians blog will help us to reach more people from across all regions of the UK. Alongside this, we will be publishing lots of articles and stories from the lives of professional musicians on here over the coming weeks and months. If this is your first visit here, have a look at the “related pages” links on the right (at the top), there will be something there that you will find of interest.

Whilst many musicians still form bands in the traditional way, meeting people through friends and at gigs, a new generation of young musicians are connecting through the internet. We would like to help those who want to do just that. Click the banner below to get started and form a new band today!

Musicians Wanted

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