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Vocalist Wanted For Recording Project/Collaboration

Hi There,

I need a vocalist to collaborate with on a new project, I have a number of recordings completed broadly in an alt rock genre, great band and an interesting sound (all original tracks)…but I have been unable to find a suitable and reliable vocalist to work with to complete the picture. The idea would be to collaborate remotely in Logic for now, and so you would have to be comfortable with Logic as a DAW. I have absolutely no preconceptions as to the vocal approach in terms of style or melody and so you would have a ‘free hand’ to work with the existing material as you please. If it works, it would be great to pull together a project for the long-term with a similar sound/style in mind. If this sounds interesting, drop me a line and I’ll forward the tracks that I have in mind.

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  1. Hi,

    If you’re still looking, check out my Spotify and see if I’m what you’re looking for.

    email me

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