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Unsigned Singers/Singer Songwriters/Singer Songwriters Composers Wanted for New Dance Label

We are in process of setting up a new Indie Record Label to Compose, Produce and release Electronic Dance/House Music.
We are interested to hear from any potential vocalists in the West Midlands for our first potential signing.
We will be offering different contract options depending on your contribution. So we want to hear from potential Singers, Singer-Songwriters/Co-Songwriters, and those who would also like to contribute to the Composing process as well as singing.
This is a long-term project as we are looking to produce high-quality output.
Whatever your experience please contact us to express your interest, tell us a little about you and your aspirations and let us know if you play any instruments, especially keyboards.

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  1. Hi , my name is Alveena and I am based in the West Midlands. I am not a professional singer but i can sing (average) . My music interests include both pop and rock. I am also learning the guitar ☺

  2. Hi,
    My name is Willow. I’m not in the west Midlands but I live near Manchester. I play keyboard and sing, write and produce my own songs. Here is my spotify:

    I would be open to composing, singing, writing etc.

    Email me

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