As the title hints, I’m looking to get back in to the music scene.
Been singing since I was twelve, from the edgy, depressing rock band I was in at school with the cringey name, to a few small festivals and mostly pub gigs. I also professionally recorded a few songs.

My last performance was about two years ago, after which I kind of lost the spark and the confidence, but now I’ve got that itch to sing again, and I want some people to perform with.
I can also play ukulele and guitar (chords, not solo). My influences include, but are not limited to: Paramore, Avenged Sevenfold, ‘theatrical’ singing (Disney/musicals), Kelly Clarkson, Imagine Dragons… Anything I can sing to. I also listen to bands like Korn and System Of A Down. I have a love for acoustic covers.

I live in Bromley and can commute to surrounding areas, like Croydon or Orpington. Sometimes my work rota is of unsociable hours, like finish at midnight or night shifts. Unfortunately I do not have practice space available!

If you’re looking to write a few songs or do a few jams then I’m your (wo) man.