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Acoustic rhythm guitarist and drummer wanted for covers project in south of England


We’re putting together a new covers band to play gigs around the Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire area.

We’re looking for an acoustic rhythm guitarist and drummer to complete the line up (Vocals, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Rhythm guitar, bass, and drums)

We’re not looking at a) being famous b) playing pro-gigs every weekend (weddings, funerals or barmitzvahs) or c) playing in an environment where we’re shouting at each other in a continually stressy environment as we strive for musical perfection. We’re crucially also not looking at playing an endless stream of ‘normal’ pub-rock covers. You know the ones. The sort of song that you see a band banging out, hating themselves whilst drunk aunties wave their hands in the air shortly before falling over. Instead, we’re keen to bring lots of modern songs to the set. Therefore, you’ll need to have the Most Eclectic Music Taste in the World Ever™. We’ve a huge bunch of possible ideas, songs from the 80’s, 90’s, modern pop songs to be reworked into a pub pop/rock band style. Essentially great song, but something outside the norm.

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