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BMU – Bassist Drummer and Guitarist Needed for Signed Artists!

BMU – Bassist Drummer and Guitarist

We at BMU are putting together bands for some of our artists.
We are currently looking for drummer, bassist and guitarist
to complete the line-up of some of the bands.

If you are interest in working with a managed artists, please get in touch with:
– a Link to audio
– a link to pictures
– your contact number
– Age and postcode

Thank You
Zahyin Sanglieri
Band Management Universal

Comments ( 4 )

  1. bassist 30yrs experience looking for sessions/gigs etc most genres!
    for more information contact

    regards dave

  2. Hello, I’m a drummer available for Function/Recording/Touring/Session more info

  3. Inspiring & determined drummer, lots of gig/recording experience, HNC in music performance, can play guitar too, fast learner & easy adapter.
    Facebook page:https: //
    Contains audio and picture content.
    Contact number: 07462693416
    G78 1AZ
    Thank you

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