My name is Taylah, I’m a singer/songwriter, who goes by the name ‘Spines’

I am desperately looking to form a band with a few others! I am currently working with a friend of mine who does music management for a music management company split between New York and London and she is keen to start gigging (with an opportunity for a gig next month!). Also if anyones producers/anyone good at mixing/mastering, hmu!

I’m looking for other members who are preferably no older than 30 (as im 22), who have similar taste musically and who are pretty openminded. I am heavily inspired by bands/artists such as daughter, laura marling, bon iver, the national, wilsen, lucy rose, evenings, alt-j, james blake, im looking to create a atmospheric folk-esque/dream pop feel with acoustic and electronic elements.

I am not at all looking to take creative control and delegate roles, I am entirely open to you composing your own parts, suggesting/criticizing/advising, doing your own thing really; im just looking for other like minded musicians (preferably another guitarist and drums/percussion, but if you play anything else feel free to email me aswell) to get together and have a fun at the end of the day.

I write all my own lyrics (think daughter/marika hackman-esque) and play the acoustic guitar along side, but I feel pretty limited in what I am capable of creating alone and also lack in confidence.

I am very serious about this, like i have said i am working with a music management company, and am hoping to record an EP later this year! I have recorded a few demos at home, with a few being mentioned on blogs (i have one little magazine review also- v proud) as well my first song ghost being played on bbc introducing kent.

If you are interested in anyway, dont hesitate to email me or to message me on facebook; my name is Taylah Swaby-Wright (probably best to email me first as often the messages dont come through when we arent friends), and my soundcloud: brokenspines. Please email me before you add me on facebook as i will probably decline your friend request if im not sure who you are!

Pls do not email me if you are in a band and want me to sing on your track that also happens to be of a completely different genre!

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