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Drummer required for a covers band with a difference

I am looking for a drummer join my band. You will be Jazzy, soulful and funky. You will be able to play to a click track and fully conversant with modern technology. The ability to play percussion would also be beneficial.

We will be performing covers/interpretations of Punk, New Wave, Post Punk and British pop with a hip hop, EDM, trap vibe.
We will be a working band so we will be very commercial but unique too. We will be interpreting exclusively British songs, not for any patriotic reason, it just seemed to work out that way and I think it will add to the originality.

Hip Hop, Urban, House, EDM, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Ska, Punk, New Wave, Post Punk, Indie, and New Romantic.

I ought to add that I’m in my 50s that might be an issue for some.

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  1. I am in my 60s!
    But tell me more

  2. Hi Leon, it all depends on what you do? are you a singer or do you play an instrument?

  3. Hi again,
    Sorry I’ve just noticed it was for the drummer required ad. I’ve loads of ads out for different musicians and singers and forgot which one this was for.

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