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Looking for musicians to form a band

Hi, I am a guitarist and singer, and I’m into Rock, Ska, Pop and movie soundtrack music.
I am now looking for musicians to form a band. Lead vocals, drums, keys, sax, trumpet, trombone- anyone who’d be up for taking the ‚classical’ road: Get together, rehearse a while, play pubs and clubs, record an album, play big shows and festivals, and so on:-)

I’ve written enough songs for an album and a decent live set; but goes without saying, other peoples ideas and songs will be welcome in the band!
What I’m not up for though is cover/session/function music etc.

Here’s an example of what I’ve been doing so far:

Drop me a line if interested! First session/ audition will be 16th june in London!
email is

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  1. hi!!!i’m a Drummer!!do you have something to listen about the project that you want to create?tnx,Emanuela

  2. Hi I am saxophones player, but I can play Keyboard and sing as well. If you like what I do than let’s get toghether and start something really nice, cause I have ideas and songs to share.


  3. Hi Leo, have you maybe got something to listen to? We’ll be happy to meet up on the 16th if you’re available! Cheers Max

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