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Wind and rhythm section needed for an eclectic ensemble

Hi there!

I’m 23 year old London based guitarist/composer.
I’m looking for musicians for the project of my dreams, drawing influences from jazz, world and film music.

I have written a couple of musical pieces, I have written notations for every instrument and now I need more hands and minds that would play those instruments 🙂
I have a home recording of one of the songs, quality is poor and wind section is replaced with synth, it doesn’t sound close to what I want it to sound, but if an audio sample is necessary I can send to whoever is interested
Other than that I can provide sheet music or backing tracks… Or both

My idea of rehearsing would be that songs can be learnt at home and then we would meet for a productive session.
After material is learnt we would bring on stage and in recording studio

If you play:

Feel free to reply and lets create something crazy and beautiful
Also if you play an instrument that’s not on the list, but you’re interested, reply and lets figure something out


Comments ( 2 )

  1. Hi Jay,
    my full name is Leo Pianoforte saxophones player/composer/singer.
    If you like what I do, than let’s get in touch.
    I will probably be in Ware between 15/20 of June.


  2. Hi..I Saw your ad for a drummer.
    Very interested.
    Please see my website for details/media/video etc.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Paul de Gallier

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