We are a Devon based metal band with two worldwide label-released albums, and a third, mixed and mastered by Justin Hill of Sikth, due to be released early 2015.

We are looking for a new guitar player to join us on a permanent basis; one who is prepared to tour and promote through the remainder of 2015, and at the year’s end to assist writing the 2016 album.
Our booking agent currently has us booked throughout May 2015 and onwards supporting a metal supergroup and headlining shows. We also have festival appearances booked in further support of the new album.

Our music is thrash/melodic death metal, therefore a high level of playing ability is essential; the guitar player required must be fluent with techniques associated with metal, not limited to sweep picking, tight alternate picking and BASIC music theory knowledge. An ability to learn tunes FAST will be valued.

A professional mindset is a must. Between tour dates, the rest of year is set aside for promotion; interviews, photoshoots, filming music videos etc.

Age range – 21
Professional mindset
Own equipment – Reliable and tour-worthy
Polished metal chops / tab reading ability
Backing Vocal ability preferable (harsh/clean)
Suitable image for a professional metal band
Able to rehearse in Plymouth

Apply at huron_uk@yahoo.co.uk or rimmysinclair@hotmail.co.uk

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