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Hello Everyone, Happy New Year.

We are ready to ensure Europe and wish to be in the UK in Summer if not before we are tenacious hard working personalities that like to ‘Rock’.


We have won The Battle of The Bands at the prestigious Hard Rock Casino.

Best Band at Charts Vancouver “2014”

We have over 7000 likes on facebook.

We have hit number 3 on the Reverbnation Chart for Canada. (Though I refuse to spend the time to spam every day to keep that count up on this particular site)

We have online radio play on Lucky 13 Radio, and Rockers Dive Radio.

Our music is on college radio all over America.

Our full length album is available on Itunes.

We are working with Break N Records in New York City.  It’s not a label, it’s an internet blog that looks like a label.

Contact me.


Good Luck


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