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Native English Speaking Musicians Wanted for Brain Research Study

Native English Speaking Musicians Wanted for Brain Research Study

Musicians wanted for a research study on how the brain processes different acoustic characteristics during speech and sound perception!

We are seeking native English speakers between the ages of 18-40 with no known hearing impairments and at least 6 years of musical training.

This study is divided into 3 parts. Parts 1 and 2 will take place online at a quiet location of your choosing. Part 1 (30-40 minutes) will involve a series of tasks to measure your ability to discriminate and pay attention to different sounds. In Part 2 (30-40 minutes) you will listen to different sounds and decide whether each sound belongs to one category or another.

Part 3 will take place at Birkbeck, University of London (Bloomsbury) and will last approximately 1.5 hours. Electroencephalography (EEG) will be used to record your brain waves while you listen to streams of speech and non-speech sounds.

In total, this study will take up to 3 hours of your time and you will be reimbursed £30 (£10/hour).

If you are interested in this study, please contact the Speech Cues team at and we will set up a brief telephone or Zoom interview so that we can ask you some questions about your music and language experience, and tell you a little bit more about the study.

For more information about our research, visit our website at:

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