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We’re looking for a solid, consistent percussionist (not a stereotypical drummer nor a bhodran player)to play for dance in Monty’s Maggot – a very English sounding ceilidh dance band with a line up of national names in the English traditional / folk music world. Note we’re a dance band not a concert band.

Being folk, it’s badly paid – usually fuel money, festival tickets and some beer vouchers!

We play at major festivals (Sidmouth, Shrewsbury, Wallingford Bunkfest etc) and private dos, weddings etc and usually have a ‘national name’ caller like Nick Walden or Fee Lock.

We tend to get together to practise around the Wantage area (Oxfordshire).

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  1. Hi there, I am a percussionist i play in a ceili band at the moment but its going down hill now can you tell me if you are a full time band?
    I have won various competitions in the Comhaltas calendar

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