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Pop Punk Drummer

Hello. I’m Julian.
I’m 25 years old and Chris, the bassist, is 23.
We are looking for a drummer to complete our band’s line-up.

Our Influences are: Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Green Day, Offspring, Bad Religion, Queens Of The Stone Age.
What you need to be: Committed, fun, a f***king good drummer.
What you can’t be: A session drummer wanting money.
What we want: We want to be a real band, play real gigs, record real albums and get real fans.

We’ve got songs, we’ve got a recording studio and we’ve got everything we need. Except a drummer. So please, if you want to be in our band, send me a message.
I guarantee you’ll have a great time in our band and see a lot of boobies (maybe).

Hope to hear from you!

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Hello there I am from the south of england around Bournemouth and Southampton (in the middle of these two citys)

    Where are you bassed currently?

  2. Hey this sounds cool. I’m based in North London and would love to do some playing with you guys. Check out for some videos of me playing jazz (sadly I have no videos of me playing punk but I’ve got quite a lot of experience with it). Cheers =)

  3. Hi i am 20 years old i just seen this add I have just been in a bad called sly dog and it was shit didet get anywhere and the music got same old shit
    I have been playing drum for 6 years now and that’s all i went to do is drum i love all the music you named i really like Travis barker he is amazing so pls get back to me

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