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Comments ( 2 )

  1. Hey man, how are you? I`ve seen that you are looking for an experienced guitarist.
    I am a songwriter, guitarist and lead or backing vocalist, with over 20 years playing.
    I’m moving to England in November this year and I’m looking for gigs and friends to keep working when I get there.
    I’ll leave my contact here, with links to get to know my work, I hope you enjoy it, and we can do some shows or recordings together.
    Thank you my friend, cheers

  2. Hiya Fred, how’s it goin …great to receive your message, if your’re coming from abroad and need somewhere to stay, I’ve got a spare room, no charge to my musicians, as I’m hoping to get a few songs together and hit the world with what we got ASAP ! Traveling back and forth for rehearsals is such a waste of time and energy which can be put to better use, hence the offer …

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